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Sweigart Laboratory

Department of Genetics

University of Georgia

C218 Davison Life Sciences

120 East Green Street

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June 2017

Gabbie, Matt, Rachel, Sam, & Andrea all present their latest work at SSE in Portland, OR.

March 2017

Gabbie receives an NIH training grant fellowship.

Matt successfully defends his dissertation. Congrats Dr. Zuellig!

Lab alum Austin Garner is awarded an NSF GRFP.

Matt presents his work on hybrid lethality at a GRC on Speciation in Lucca, Italy.

December 2016

New graduate students Sam Mantel and Gabbie Sandstedt join the lab. Welcome!

Ocotober 2016

Matt wins 2nd place for his poster at UGA’s Plant Center Retreat.

July 2016

Matt presents his latest work at SSE in Austin, TX.

March 2016

Amanda’s paper “Reproductive isolation and introgression between sympatric Mimulus species” is published in Molecular Ecology.

Feb 2016

Austin’s paper “Genetic loci with parent-of-origin effects cause hybrid seed lethality in crosses between Mimulus species” is published in New Phytologist.